How It Works – Get Paid for Your Ideas!

Have an idea but don’t want to make it yourself?

Since the industrial revolution we have been dependent on 2% of the population to create 99% of the products and services we use, people who have the money to make big things happen or the guts to be an entrepreneur.  We all have ideas, but not everyone can build a business or make a product, and in fact most of us don’t really want to.  On top of that, 60+% of all crowd funding campaigns fail.  Not because the teams aren’t capable, but because they’re building things no one actually wants. This is where SparkThis comes in. We connect the world’s idea artists with premiere makers that know how to get things made. The best part?  You can make money if your idea takes flight. Here’s how…

We connect the world’s idea artists with premiere master makers

Idea Artists – Spark Your Idea!

Post your idea to see what the crowd thinks

If you’ve ever said “I wish someone would make _______” chances are you aren’t alone.  You’re an idea artist, someone who can identify a problem and knows what they want for a solution.  Posting your idea to the crowd let’s you know if anyone else out there has the same problem and what they think about it.

The best part?  You can earn money if your idea takes flight, here’s how…

Ignite Your Idea

Get votes to unlock the funding gate

Now it’s time to see if others out there like your idea by voting for it.  When they vote, they are asked to say what they’d be willing to spend if the idea existed.  This allows a future team to collect data from the crowd and it will also unlock a funding gate.   After 200 votes for an idea have been collected, our algorithms determine the median price of the crowd’s votes and prepares a way for interested backers to fund their favorite ideas.

Pool Funds to Entice a Team

Buy votes to back the idea and choose a future team

Buy a vote (or more) at the median price to back the idea RISK FREE. As the fund builds, teams will be interested in pitching to the crowd to get your vote and build the product or service of your dreams.  If no teams apply because the fund is too small, the median price for the item is too low, or it’s not technically feasible at the current time you’ll receive a FULL REFUND OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE less a small administrative fee.

Teams Pitch – You Choose

The crowd chooses the best team to build the idea

Teams that think they are capable of building the idea can pitch to the crowd with a video and offer a perk to get their vote.  Maybe a large team has done something similar or a small team can make the idea faster.  Each team chooses the perk they want to offer to the crowd (like offering two widgets instead of one or a special add on) and the backers cast their vote for their favorite team and best perk.