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Makers Welcome

Build what people actually want.

SparkThis is the missing link for makers.  Stop spending time, money and energy building what no one wants, or wasting valuable resources on the wrong features.  SparkThis provides all of the tools you need to be successful from day one.  What more could a team ask for?

Ideas from the Crowd

Don’t struggle to find your next ground breaking idea, let the people who are living with the problems find it for you!

Funding to Start

You needs funds to get started, and SparkThis provides your seed round through contributions by the crowd.

Feedback from Users

Don’t guess what people want, ask them!  The SparkThis community and backers will provide all the feedback you need!

Path to Success

As a maker, you need and want to be successful.  Now you have everything you could dream of to build the next “it” thing.

Maker Sign Up Coming Soon!