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Use hot weather balloon to raise an electrode in the atmosphere.
Draw free energy from the difference of electric charge by raising hot air baloons
Title: 3D Event Live
Capture and watch online live 3D event
Imagine being at a concert and want to record it to your phone. Just make it as simple as starting an app and start recording. Also imagine that there are 100 more people using the same app recording the same concert at the same time. The video content from 100 live cameras is recorded at the phone and at the same time streamed up to a cloud server where the content is rendered live. The 100 video streams are taken from 100 diffrent locations in the concet hall and will eventually allow full 3D live experience with sound and image when rendered in a 3D fasion. Then you will be able to "fly" around the concert and view the event from any angle and any place. As well other people that are not on the event can watch it live in 3D as being there. The 3D experience may enchance by virual reality and 3D glasses. There can be various licensing and add features that can be developed arround a subscription service.