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19th of October, 2015 2:13:12 pm
Show intensity of a workout and muscle use.

It would be cool if a wearable could be smart and actually let you know the intensity of s workout and help you know if you are doing it right.

Rack up points by watching ads to get free data

My kids recently got Kindles and each lock screen has a new ad.  If you want to remove the ad, it costs $15 because they subsidized the purchase so they can display the ads to you.  I was thinking for years that I'd be willing to watch ads, even interact and rate them in order to get data use for free.  I know Apple patented something similar for lock screens, but I don't think they own the right to do it for anything other than lock screens. 

Think about the data they advertiser could get and how targeted they could make it. 

Always on GPS "wearable"
Some people would call this "big brother" but when you think about it, we already have big brother while carrying a cell phone around with us all day, using a debit/credit card, or driving through intersections... so why not have an embeddable chip that goes under the skin in a child that is always on or can be triggered to activate when a child is lost, stolen or missing.  ANY parent in the world would pay millions of dollars to find a lost child in the event that their little one was lost or taken from them.  It would be an invaluable wearable device that you hope you'd never have to use.  Unlike a smart watch for kids, it would have a lifetime battery (or charge with movement) and could not be removed or lost. 
Never change batteries with built in solar

I have a logitech keyboard with built in solar panels that works well in my office and I never have to change any batteries.  I have a mac with a magic mouse and it would make sense to cover the mouse in solar panels to absorb energy all of the time I'm NOT using it.  My hand would cover the panels during use, but think about how much of the time your mouse is uncovered.   

There are other charging soultions like this charger for the mouse with conductive charging, but at $30 and taking up a port on my USB, I don't think it's that great of a solution. 


Turn on mic and camera and call 911 automatically for you

It woudl be great to have an app that would be your eyes and ears in the event of an emergency.  It would be hard to try to dial 911 when being attacked or when assaulted from out of the blue.  Here's how I think it would work: 

  • Unlock your phone (iOS with thumb)
  • If you don't respond with "normal behavior" after unclocking your phone, and/or you don't respond to a notificaiton asking if there is an emergency
  • The camera, mic and recording of location kicks in 
  • A robo call is made to 911 automatically (or some emergency service is pinged)

This would make a lot of parents feel better in the event that a child is attacked and they can't call.  It could even be like the "tap" apps that "tap" to unlock computers, etc... there could be a "tap" on the phone to start the app.&nb

Don't need two hands to take off the tray, just fold down

We have a high chair at the house and every time I think the tray will say in the "almost" attached position while being folded down it falls off.  I'd like to have a high chair that allows me to use one hand to make it collapse while still being attached to the chair.  It's out of the way to put the baby in or take her out, but doesn't have to come off. 


Automated combing to provide a status update

It would be so cool if there was a bot or something that combed through emails or updates and all of the work/communication each week and would write a summary of what was completed with an upcoming section as well.

Maybe users could throw in hash tags while writing to trigger the bot to use that part in a summary, or make it super smart and have it just do it totally on its own. 

Fill a tank with detergent and never add a pod or squirt of soap again
We bout a new dishwaher and I filled it up with JetDry.  It's been months and the thing still has some in it. Why can't we just do the same with the detergent instead of putting in pods or constantly squirting the detergent in?  I see a tank that you can fill up and it feeds the dishwasher for a month.  I would appreciate that because we have a baby and I don't want her to get into the pods and I don't want to have to put them in anyway!
iPhone Photos into folders based on date in bulk
I'm not sure if this exists, but I would love it.  I have a DSLR and take a lot of photos with it and use Lightroom.  I also shoot on an iPhone (so does my wife) and whenever I pull in the images onto my machine from our phones I have to go through each month and put those into the correct folder on my server where all of the DSLR photos reside.  I wish there was a script or a software that would allow me to drag and drop a ton of photos and it would simply put them into the exisitng folders on my server based on date of the image.  That way it could be easy.
Take out all of the duplicates and let a computer decide
We constantly hold down the shutter button but we don't really need or want to have so many duplicates, we really just want to have the best shot out of the group. I wish there was a way to use AI to review the images and only keep the best ones... the way a pro would evaluate images for facial expression, composition, exposure, etc...