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24th of July, 2017 3:52:13 pm
Inside, it's a soft, comfy slipper. But outside, it's a formal shoe.
Everyone wants to wear slippers. Why does the outside have look "slipper-y"? I want a pair of slippers that don't look like slippers, so I can wear them to work, but are soft and plush inside, so I can slip them on without socks.
Mobile app that syncs audio/CC from movie live, in theatre.
If you've never needed to use an assistive-listening device at a movie theatre, you may not know that THEY SUCK. They're a pain to check out, and when they work they work poorly. I envision a mobile app that (1) listens for a movie playing, and (2) plays the audio of that movie in sync, so a person can listen with their own headphones. There could be a small charge per movie to play the audio.
A real estate sign with a solar-powered wiggle function.
Pretty simple -- a real estate sign that wiggles/shakes, simulating the sign-shakers action, but is solar-powered. I envision it an all-inclusive item, just stick it in the ground, turn it on, and walk away.